Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12th of October Transforming History

[En castellano, mas abajo]

Today, 12th of October, is the anniversary of the discovery of the American continent by Christopher Columbus. A controversial issue because millions of Amerindians died and their culture was destroyed because of it, but it happened already, and as a result, another culture was born, and most of us, North Americans, Central Americans, and South Americans, are the result of that original mix.

We do not have control of the past, but  the future is ours. This, will be a result of our own actions. Everything we do right now, at this moment, will have a repercussion or thousands or millions of them, just like the soundwaves of a big Brazilian timbal bringing happiness during a night of Carnival.

We cannot change History, but we can transform it, from now on. Let's do it.