Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mi primer blog / My First Blog

Dear Family and Friends ... so many people have asked me why I don't have a blog, that I decided to start one ... peer pressure? NOT. What happened is that I found a reason for using this kind of communication: to keep in touch with all of you living in different parts of this planet. Let us hope that this media will help us be more in touch with each other, and share our thoughts, experiences, moments, and gossips too ... why not? hahaha

Querida familia y amigos ... tanta gente me ha preguntado porque no tengo un blog que decidi empezar uno ... presion de grupo? NO! Lo que paso es que encontre un motivo para utilizar esta herramienta de comunicacion: mantenerme en contacto con familia y amigos viviendo en distintas partes del planeta. Esperemos que este medio nos ayude a mantenernos mas cerca y asi poder compartir experiencias, pensamientos, momentos, y chismos tambien ... porque no? jajaja


Julia Konar said...

Hi Lillian,

Your blog looks great. How I miss the sites of D.C. I also love that you are exploring the riches of the art world in terms of architecture and music.

Green in Houston,

Lilian said...

Dearest Julia,

What a great surprise to hear from you in this blog ;oD ... How's Texas? Guess what? ... another good friend of mine is moving to Texas within a month ;o( ... I'm gonna be left with no friends snif, snif. However, it looks like we're definitely visiting Texas this Summer or Fall to see our friends that are moving to somewhere in the coast, that's the positive part of the situation. So, if we journey that way, I'll let you know.

Check out the latest input (today's). Actually, I didn't write it, but a blogger friend who is not only an architect but he writes very well. Let me know what you think, OK?

Warm regards to the hubby and the babies... Muac, muac, muac

Anonymous said...

Hi Lili,
I read your blog before when you sent it to me. Sorry I ddin't leave a comment then. I am sorry about your unpleasant experience in church. It sounds to me like the woman next to you had either eczema or scabies. I hope it was eczema for your sake. The trip to the Bach meuseum sounds wonderful. My dad told me you went. I wish I had the time to read every blog and maybe even create my own. I will try to check yours when I can.
Happy Easter!

Lilian said...

Dear Sarah,

Soooo happy to hear from you. Regarding the lady at church this morning, I'm pretty sure that it was more of a "mental case" than the diseases you mentioned.

We need to get together soon. So far, I have found that this "blog thing" is pretty cool in the sense that allows me to hear from many people that I like, in a manner that does not require much of my time, so, for me it's a time saver. On top of that, it lets me share interesting experiences like the one at church this morning ... ;o) just kidding! That was more like a joke -that somebody "upstairs" played on me, I think haha!

Let's keep in touch this way as long as we do not reveal all intimate details of our every day lives, like bank accounts codes, and what really happened last night ;o)

But don't read and leave, say HOLA at least, OK? Oh, one more thing ... next time you say HI if you would, please write your comment by the last post, I almost missed your comment (this one).

Kisses ;o)