Tuesday, July 10, 2007


[Picture from the movie Huinay]

The Andean mountains of the Northern part of Chile, Peru, and Bolivia, are beautiful and are full of mysticism ... a sense of permanence emanates in this region. A Chilean movie director called Patricio Schmidt, made a short film that represents extremely well, the meaning and life on this part of the world. Every time I watch it, it blows my mind. The story, the photography, and the music touch my heart.

I have been in love with Andean culture since I was 12 years old, and I find this short film to be magical. Just wanted to share it with you; here it is ... Huinay [Eternal].

[Important part of this movie is a letter. For those who don't speak Spanish here is what the letter says: "My Love, Agustin: You will be reading these words when I am not here any longer. I want you to know that I free you and forgive you. Deliver me to the Pachamama [Mother Earth] so I can be born again next to you ... in that place where we were happy."]


La zona de los Andes del Norte de Chile, Peru, y Bolivia es hermosa y llena de misticismo ... un sentido de permanencia trasciende en esta region. Un cineasta chileno, Patricio Schmidt, hizo un cortometraje que representa muy bien el significado y la vida en esta parte del mundo. Cada vez que lo veo me alucina. La historia, la fotografía y la música me llegan al corazón.

He estado enamorada de la cultura Andina desde que tenía 12 aňos y encuentro que este film es mágico. Tan sólo quería compartirlo; acá está ...Huinay [Eterno]


Anonymous said...

Hola Lilian:
Esta si que es una sorpresa super buena, pero lamentablemente no la pude ver, tendre que esperar y verla en la casa. Cuentame acerca del autor y ademas el significado de su nombre.
Sera la competencia de Tomas, en cuanto a fotografias?, mencionas que tambien hay fotografias.

Lilian said...

El creador es Patricio Schmidt, no se si el tambien se encargo de la fotografia de esta pelicula pero la dirigio. Si quieres saber mas de Patricio, anda a su blog a traves del link en mi blog bajo "Blogs que me gustan".

mila said...

Thank you so much for sharing that with us, I absolutely loved it. I am determined now to get out there with a guide who a) speaks English and b) really knows the region, the history, and the culture. Maybe my friend, Pochy, whose son has one of those altiplano tourist companies (he has degrees in Latin American History and English)can give me a good price on a tour. It would be nice to see it on my own, but I am also so interested in the history that I would like to see it as a tourist, first, then to go back and "experience" it.
Again, thanks for sharing this. I will watch it often.

Lilian said...

Hola Mila!

Isn't that a great short movie? I may have never told you that I actually made several trips to the Altiplano in my adolescence and college years to do some folk research -I was involved in folk music. I fell in love with the land and the culture. There is a lot more going on there than what one thinks first. Go and explore, you're just very lucky to live in that region.

Thanks for the visit!

Tomas Bradanovic said...

El cortometraje está super, muy bueno. Sabes que yo tengo la bala pasada de conocer el altiplano más duro, las regiones mineras de Potosí, Chuqisaca y todo eso, no tienen nada del paisaje bonito de nuestro altiplano pero son lugares muy cargados de historia y con tradiciones muy curiosas, el tinku y todo eso.

Esa es una de las cosas por las que estoy entusiasmado con la minería allá, espero conocer la zona pronto si el Peulento quiere y el cachudo se hace el sordo.

Lilian said...

Hey Tomas!

No cierto que este mini-film es fantastico!?

Asi es que quieres conocer Potosi? Entiendo tu entusiasmo y claro que tienen historia si han trabajado los minerales por cientos de anhos ... Te deseo mucha suerte con tus planes de negocio por alla. Acuerdate de nosotros los pobres cuando seas famoso y millonario y andes en tu yate por la Costa Azul del Titicaca jajaja

Alas al Viento said...

Gracias amiga, te escribí en tu correo, cariños,

Anonymous said...

Hola Lilian:
Me gusto mucho el corto metraje, muy significativo, a buen entendedor pocas palabras, los paisajes son preciosos tambien. Pensar que en Enero estuve por esos lados... que nostalgia!.

Lilian said...


Si ... que nostalgia! Y que interesante que una pelicula tan cortita como esta "envase" tanto contenido relativo a la vida en el Altiplano y su cultura. Al parecer, el director entendia todo esto muy bien antes de hacer su film.

Lilian said...


Pero que ocasion tan especial recibir tu visita ;o)

NO tengo nada en mi correo? Me lo enviaste al trabajo? a mi email personal? Podrias re-enviarlo porfa'

Un abrazo

Anonymous said...

Hola Lilian!
In response to your e-mail, I did have a nice time at Julie's party. Gina came too. Their house was really cool, they have been working on it for ten years. It had a wonderful laid back funky feel to it kind of like shabby chic meets martha stewart with lots of art deco & framed memorabilia thrown in. It was so nice to be out in the country on such a beautiful day. The next day, Gina & I went to the US Botanic Garden http://www.usbg.gov/index.cfm in Washington D.C. I could have sworn you blogged about it. It was a awesome place!
Thank you for the invite to Artscape. Steve & I are actually busy that weekend. We have 4 day passes for the wxpn music festival http://www.xpn.org/festival07/lineup_day.php.
As for a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, we're busy that last weekend in July. Any weekend in August works for me. Looking at the museum's website, it doesn't look like anything interesting is there in August. There's a photo show starting in September & a Renoir exhibit in October http://www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/upcoming.html.
xo, Karen

Lilian said...

Hola Karen,

Are you actually going to that music fest each of the 4 days? Did you buy the passes or won them in a contest or so?

I'd like to see the Picasso paintings they have in Philadelphia. Should I make plans for the first weekend in August? Do you mind if I ask Joy to come with me?

You never told me if you saw the short film I linked on my post. If you saw it, did you like it? Did you understand it?


Anonymous said...

A visit on August 4/5th works for me. Yes, bring Joy, she expressed interest when I saw her at the B-B-Q.
We were more interested in going to the music festival for 2 of the 4 days. It costs $20.00 a day or $30.00 for all 4 days so, we bought the 4 day passes. Los Lonely boys are playing at Artscape & the WXPN festival!
I haven't gotten a chance to watch the short film you posted. I can't watch it at work but, I'll try from home when I get a chance. I really liked the Fairfield Porter painting you posted a while ago. I'd like to see more paintings by him.
xo, Karen

Lilian said...

Karen ... I also love Fairfield Porter! I'll post more stuff from him with background info one of these days. Have fun at the festival. I'll go to see The Lonely Boys at Artscape next weekend.

See you the 4th or the 5th of August. I have to coordinate with Joy.